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BPAL Stuff

I got hooked onto Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (BPAL), when a friend had brought me an imp pack as a christmas present in 2004. I don't remember what I ordered, how many worked, and if I still have any of them.

However I found myself not only amazed at how many different scents that were available but how things smelled without the alcohol. Although I'm just in for the smellies I don't particularly think the oil has any magical power.

I am not too picky when it comes to note since my skin chemistry is very picky. However I am very fond of floral and aquatic notes. Though I try my best to give notes a few tries before deciding that they hate me. ^_~

The notes that I'm not overly fond of are for the most part few it really depends on what the note combination is, for example I might have two scents with similar notes and have two different reactions to them. This works for most notes I'm iffy on except for amber. Amber and I are mortal enemies.

For a glance at someone who has more distinct likes/dislikes in notes, check out my sister's reviews. Besides her's probably make more sense then my rambling does. XD

Current Collection: 5 bottles and 65 imps. I only count the stuff that works on me as part of the collection, however I am no means a hoarder if something doesn't work I have no problem passing it along.

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Lonely  [Disney]

School [Real Life]

First day back and it was kinda meh. First class went ok but the second was full of fail. Did not enjoy getting lectured for half an hour on how final exam for office software and how we all are unfit for hire. Well um why did you pass it? What am I suppose to do about the final exam? I mean really? If this is suppose to be motivation, it's a lazy attempt at one or something.

Learned about discoveries in Litigation which is kinda interesting. Also how facebook helps solve cases. It was silly but epic. :P

Office Software also showed me my typing uh sucks. Badly. :/
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Occulus! [Wow]

I will never understand the hate for occulus. It's not that bad. Really. I mean why leave if you get it for the random? You just have to wait 15 minutes to queue again.

Occulus recieved another nerf earlier this week. Finally got it for a random and we get goodie bags now! Also half the trash in the air is gone. >.>

In the goodie bag is a rare gem, 2 badges and a chance at a mount. :D

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Holy crap I need to start updating this blog thing. :P
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Real Life

I really hate Mondays. It's one of the longer days I have and one of the earliest too. 8-3 with a 2 1/2 hour break squeezed into there. Not much fun at all, didn't help that it was pouring this morning either. Blah.

Had another review test this morning which was ugh; who wants to do Real Estate review at 8 o'clock in the morning? Got the review test back from last week did decently 18/20. Thought that was pretty good till the teacher said to the whole class that everyone should have 19/20 if not perfect; otherwise your not going the right way on the learning curve. Great. Some more disappointment to look forward too. >_<

At least I have no homework in Real Estate, there's a first. I have Real Estate homework every night since the semester started.

Picked up Aion recently and in my spare time have been leveling. Seems pretty good so far, similar to wow and yet at the same time it's completely different. If that makes any sense. :P

I have the ui currently set up so it looks sort of like the wow default setup, just for the familiar factor. No real add ons for Aion I believe they are against the rules.

Now for some positive and negative outlooks for Aion. :P

Some positive points for Aion Online is: a lot more character customization (I have yet to see someones character that looks exactly like mine), interesting take on crafting (I can get experience and do work orders), Lovely music (completely different music for each race), very linear (very obviously where you should be questing), everyone can gather (rather then in wow where it is a profession that needs to be picked up), titles generally have some sort of stat bonus, and manastones drop off everything that breathes (are like the gems in wow).

Some negative points for Aion Online is: no instances till later on (level 25-27 is the lowest one), lack of quests after level 20 (grinding time begins), casting/gathering/crafting you have to stay still and not target anything else or you automatically fail, the wording on some quests can be confusing, the queue during prime time, the time limit on flying, and all the world pvp (dunno if I want that much pvp honestly), only one race per a server.

I'm pretty sure there is more but that's all I can think of off the top of my head for the moment. Definitely a work in progress. A actual review that makes sense is in the works. :P
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Real Life

Sheesh this journal has been negelcted. Hopefully that will be changing soon. I have been busy running around looking into things, things it looks like I don't have to worry about anymore, even though I want to be able to worry about but it's not my choice anymore.

That just seems so cryptic, the person that I was dating, someone I cared for a lot, broke up with me last night. It would had been 8 months this week. Even though I offer suggestions on how to change things, it didn't seem to matter, he had already made up his mind. Lots of things were said but being told that pretty much that I wasn't enough, pretty much broke my heart.

I have never been a very open person when regarding my emotions. I guess I should had expected that if I let someone in I would get hurt. I didn't and now I get to pick up the pieces.
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Real Life + Wow

I totally said I would update this journal more often and um yeah I failed at that it seemed. >_>

Well let's see still job hunting no success with that of course, stupid economy. I did get a part of my inheritance which was nice, definitely be able to help with lots of thing. Well I sort of have it the money is still on hold by the bank. Stupid bank. Who holds a cheque for 7 days? I mean really? The good part is I'll be able to take mom out somewhere nice for dinner, she'll like that I think.

Was really sick yesterday like flu sick but seem all right now, might had been a fluke. Did a lot of sleeping and reading manga and some books, couldn't really sit on the computer for long periods of time. So Didn't really spend anytime with the boyfriend which was very crappy. Don't even know if he is working late or not, so probably be staying up late either way, totally tempting fate by not going to bed early after being sick. :/

In wow land, been sticking to the alts mostly. Though raiding tonight which I haven't done in a bit, really need a new computer it seems to whine a lot when playing wow. Poor Gamma is probably at the end of it's life. Yes, I named my laptop shush. :P

Though I need to finish looking around at the new computers, figure out what I want. I was looking at Alienware but the reviews seemed mixed bag and I don't want to blow money on something that ends up going crappy.

Though I need to start cracking on getting my passport since I'll be needing that soon if all things go to plan. Since the US is passing that law soon and I know by the time I get traveling to the states the law will be passed. >_<

Jenn is all about going to the cementary, I don't really feel like going. Apparently this makes me a horrible daughter since it is Dad's birthday. :/
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Real Life

Yay time for another year. 2008 was special to say the least, lots of good times and lots of not so good times. here's hoping for a better year, don't let me down 2009! :D
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