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Ad Infinitum

Traveling forward endlessly

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Selah is a 27 year-old redhead who hails from Canada however currently resides in the USA. Selah enjoys cross stitching, reading, and writing fanfiction, she reads for loads of fandoms but only writes for a few. She writes for a variety of pairings and enjoys gen, het, slash, and femslash. Yes, it is possible to like all of them at once. Selah also enjoys making icons/avatars. She usually updates on a monthly basis and the icons are from a variety of fandoms. On occasion, she will also do the odd 100 icon challenge for fun. Her other hobbies include making fst's, and drawing. Note that no drawing/doodles will ever be posted because Selah can't draw worth crap. So what can you expect in this journal? You can expect Selah to post links to fics and icons. You can also expect many fangirl posts as well as a few posts about Selah's real life. Selah also apparently likes talking about herself in third person.

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